“Il padrone”

This morning I was listening to some Pearl Jam videos on YouTube and I heard somebody who was speaking italian. I stopped reading my book about Vienna and I focused on the video. It would have been a little weird that Italian advertising had been used in Austrian YouTube. In fact, while people were speaking italian, a clear German translation was appearing under the images. The thing that surprised me most was that the advertising was not about some Italian items or products: it was about McDonald.

The name of the campaign is “Il padrone” and you can watch it here. It is performed a telephone call between two Italians, speaking about the dealing of unknown stuff for a small price. It seems something shady, I have never seen “Il padrino” but I would expect something similar. Surprise effect: the shady mystery item is just the new burger, sold for just 2€.

I found this campaign amazing: the connection with Italy makes it relevant. The idea is great, Italy is guarantee of good food, high quality and genuineness. Linking junk food to Italian speakers in the strongest possible way leaves to the audience the judgement: is it possible that McDonald is as healthy as Pizza Pepperoni? Without speaking about Pizza Pepperoni of course. Using a well-known truth, a doubt is suggested to the customers. Accidentally, next time that they will be close to a McDonald they are going to enter and buy a burger, less expensive than some Spaghetti Carbonara.


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