Last weekend I was looking for a fitness club close to my flat. I found different gyms on internet, but one of them caught my attention. It was the nearest, therefore I decided to ask for some information there. The name is Mrs. Sporty and it is a brand widespread in all Europe, there is a fitness club also close to where I used to live in Milan. I have never heard about it, but I was interested in examining the concept.

Ok, my first impression was shock: the hall was full of middle age woman, all of them wearing t-shirts and focused on their training. Fair enough, I should have run away. I am looking for friends, not for other grannies. However, the young personal trainer was already trying to make me feel at ease and so I decided to listen to her. Having asked me all the routine information, she explained me the idea behind. It is not a truly gym, it is just a sort of 30 minute multifunctional training: there are ten different kinds of exercise, 30 seconds each and you should repeat the round three times. Of course the gym is opened just for women, so they can train without male judgments and not being afraid from showing their bodies. The training length is another key factor: it pretty short, so women can keep trained in a short time and not to steal time to their routine. Isabella, the personal trainer, offered me to try the training. I had already decided that it was not what I was looking for, but I wanted to study better this environment.

On Friday I went to the appointment, Isabella was waiting for me and she showed me all the exercises. I was feeling awful, it was frustrating and tiring. After the first round I was almost dead, among all that woman, whose age is double than mine, looking perfectly fine. Unusual but true, they were not paying attention each other. Nobody of them was there with a friend, they were just focused on themselves. It was a little odd to see them exercise on Duck Sauce song “Barbara Steisand”, but the feeling I sensed was well-being.

Conclusion: I told Isabella that the philosophy behind her job was great. For over 40 women, Mrs. Sporty is the way. It helps them to feel better with themselves, it is like a safe haven where they feel beautiful and healthy, getting self-confidence. About me, I am trying to find out a good excuse to refuse the contract. I am too much in love with men and I already found a proper gym where keep me trained.


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