Campari’s storytelling

These days I find Facebook particularly boring, or maybe I have just realized that it is useful just to stalker my new male fixation. Since I don’t have any, I’m just browsing absent-mindedly the news feed. Then, on Wednesday, a really interesting article caught my attention. Storytelling (one of my favourite word), Campari (not one of my favourite, but still alcohol) and Sorrentino (should I spend words on him?). “Red diaries” is new Campari’s campaign and it is made up of twelve stories behind different cocktails and their creators.

Well, it has to be said, I love stories. It is my way of life, I am always looking for someone’s story and my inquisitively lets me to know a lot of them. I also think that I am good at narrating them and, romantic as I am, I dream and craft stories on everything. Somebody could call it overthinking, but this is another story. I steadily believe that the best promotion is to show people stories behind businesses or products, to allow them to imagine more and to instigate their fantasy. In fact, telling story has clearly also become a management strategy to attract consumers’ mind. It is essential to build a brand, but it could be also convenient for brands that already have their identity. Stories are such a powerful instrument, it is enough to think how we teach to children goodness and evilness or how we fall in love with a city. For example, my favourite one is Berlin. Of course, it is an amazing city, but if my Berliner friend had not brought me around and told me stories about each of the places we went, I would have never loved it as I do.

Nonetheless, let us go back to my first aim. Never would I have thought about something as passionate as “Red diaries”. I have watched all videos that describe cocktails and all of them are amazing: each of them shots a barman or barmaid preparing their cocktails, and a voice-over is telling their stories. The watcher is directly involved into the creation of cocktail, perceiving their souls. Every drink has its own reason, recall and it touches us.

Nevertheless, the real challenging narration is the one by Sorrentino, used to launch the campaign. “Killer in Red” is both the name of the cocktail and the title of the short movie.  I do not want to ruin your viewing (because I hope you are going to watch it), what I can say is that Red is everywhere and it communicates Campari’s power, a charming Clive Owen is an enigmatic bartender able to prepare your personal cocktail (and to create your story as well) and Sorrentino and his strong expressivity do the rest.

To watch “Killer in Red” press here, other stories are available on Campari’s channel on YT.


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