Chi VaPiano, va sano e lontano


I missed pizza. I desired pizza more than everything existing on this world. I behaved as a pregnant woman, I could think nothing else than pizza. You are now probably thinking that it was not such a big problem. Pizza is the most common meal all over the world, in 5 minutes I would probably get as many pizzas as I wanted. But I did not want a shitty pizza, I would have like to go in an italian restaurant and to eat a real pizza. Therefore, on Saturday I went to VaPiano, to satisfy my need.VaPiano is not Italian, it is a German restaurant chain. However, for me, VaPiano could be compared to McDonald or Starbucks: it is a sort of save heaven where to go when you are far from what it’s familiar for you. Instead of seeking randomly a restaurant or a café, you go there and you know exactly what to expect from them. You already have an idea about standard, quality and price.

VaPiano works in this way: at the entrance you got a card, then there are different spots, where cooks are preparing various meals (“PASTA&RISOTTO”, “SALAD&ANTIPASTI”, “SUPPE”, “LASAGNE&PIZZA”), and a bar. You decide what you want to eat (and you choose your queue) , you can see cooks preparing your meal just in front of you and the bill is charged on your card. No services, no issues, good quality (up to now I have tried pasta, pizza and salad). You can take your time, no pressure and when you decide it is time to go, close to the exit you are asked to pay.  A great system for a brilliant idea. Nowadays VaPiano has more than 150 restaurants in all five continents. Now, my question is: they are selling italian meals, why are the founders German?

I wanted to find out more about italian restaurant chain and so I did a desk market research. I analysed 72 restaurants or restaurant chains presented on under the list of Italian restaurant. I wrote all the information in excel, sure to be able to do some charts.


Unfortunately, my mind setting is more artistic and creative than functional. So, I took calculator and paper and this are the result:

  • 56,94% of the studied cases was founded by not italian people;
  • 50% of the list are just a single restaurant and its 69,44% was founded by Italians;
  • The other 50% (more than one restaurant) includes just a 16,66% of Italian founded restaurant chain (to be more clear, just 6). They need to be presented: Amato’s (USA), Drago Restaurants (USA), Frankie&Benny’s (UK), La Porchetta (Australia), Ray’s Pizza (USA) and Spizzico (Italy, Greece, Switzerland, France, USA). Idols!

Well, I was glad to discover that also some Italians are trying to be more open. We are used to do business in a different way, “small is quality” could be our motto, but there are so many potentialities for our being!

P.S. If somebody want to help me to organise those data and to discover Excel’s world, I will be the happiest person on Earth. Otherwise I will take an excel course, in “to do” list since 2WW. To thank that person, I will offer him/her a pizza at VaPiano (on SVday maybe?), since on Friday I was too impatient to read carefully the menu and I ordered a Calzone.


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