Rethinking social setting of cities

I like watching videos while I am eating. In January I saw 4 seasons of 2 different tv series and I did not want to start a new story, so I have started watching short movies. They are enough brief not to lose time and while creating stories, they make you reflect on current issues. Last week I shared on fb one of my favourite one, COLD. It is set in Toronto during the coldest day of the year and the weather is not the one and only to be icy.

Living in a huge city is always awesome, you are surrounded by everything you need. Except for Vienna (on Sunday is also called “The ghost town”), you can always find an open supermarket or something tempting to do. At the same time, it is also true that people are always running somewhere else and few has the time to stop and smile. We all live in these big crowded houses and most of the time we even do not know who is living next to us. City trends show a huge spread of people living by themselves, but what happen when you need to move a heavy wardrobe or you are cooking Lasagne and there is no milk left? It was so easy when I was living in Isolaccia and it was enough to ask to my trained neighbour or to knock on my grandma’s door.

For those reasons, I find FragNebenan an innovative and useful solution for modern society. The start-up has created an online platform for neighbours, where it is possible to find support and advice for daily problems. Big cities need connection and FragNebenan is not just a virtual community: it helps people know each other and it aids them to face small issue. The website is handy, well organized and clear – you can also find some events going on in your area – and they have also a very original way to check the authenticity of your account. Up to 750 meters from my flat there are more than one thousand active users and every day there is something new to read (it is great to improve my German knowledge).  Another key factor is the carefulness about privacy: you can decide if either the inhabitant of your building or all your neighbour see your complete address (gradual choice from street to door), but you can also hide it.

Having been impressed by FragNebenan, I looked for similar concept in Italy and I found (Milan) and So, a call for my friend living in those city: become users to enjoy and support this great effort of rethinking social setting of cities! Sharing economy is the future, be part of it!

The suggestion is also intended for my Austrian friends, even if FragNebenan has for sure an incisive marketing strategy and probably you already know it!


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