My secret to being smiling every day is quite easy: I always keep in my handbag some sweet stuffs to eat when something goes wrong. Needless to say that Ferreros are my favourite ones. I have never tried something as delicious as Kinder Country or Kinder Bueno. Some days ago I was in supermarket and in the fridge I saw a strange snack with kinder packages (red/orange waves). In less than one minute I got angry, who allowed itself to reproduce that packages without Ferrero’s promise?

I googled it quickly and I discovered that it is just a German/Austrian snack created by Ferrero for those specific markets. The companies are spreading across other countries, but they segment the global market in order to answer in different ways to different kinds of customers. I had already noticed new Ferrero’s products (at least for me) when I was in Berlin and I bought some pralines for a dinner with friends: with Ferrero Rochet and Mon Cheri, instead of tasty Pocket coffee, I found some Ferrero Kuesschen. I was not such a shock just because Ferrero Rochet were still there, however it is interesting to analyse what people in each country love at most.


Ferrero was one of the first companies that tested the German market in 1956. There are several different snacks and products created for that segment, such as Yogurette, Giotto, Hanuta, Valparaiso, Ferrero kuesschen and Joghurt-schnitte. Some of them are well established, other are still being tested.

Joghurt-schnitte, for example, is an alternative to Milch-schnitte (Kinder Fetta al latte) and, even if it is quite logical, yogurt is used instead of milk. It supposed to be healthier and lighter, but the amount of sugar is almost the same despite the green package used to promote healthy lifestyle. Around ten months after the launch, another version has been created. Even if it seems to be more successful that the one with lemon taste, Yoghurt-schinitte with raspberry cream is far from the success of Milch-schnitte (sold on german market since 1978).

A news for my readers: From this moment on I am not writing anymore about food: Yesterday I was in SPAR and I couldn’t abstain from buying Nutella. Evviva, facciamo le ciccione!



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