May I have a Makava?

Last weekend I was with a friend of mine around 5pm in a nice cafè and while I ordered a coffee, he took a Makava. If I had been in Italy, I would be confused. Firstly, I am not sure that Makava is sold there and then, who is drinking soft drinks in Italy? Italians (or maybe just the Italians I know and that could be a warning message) while in a bar are used to drink coffee or alcohol. Maybe a coke, but just in case they have a very strong hangover. In Austria soft drinks seem to be very popular indeed. I am not feeling as saying the same about Italy.

In Austria, since I arrived, I have already seen several different interesting and unknown drinks:

In Italy Coca Cola is probably the most common, then there are all Coca Cola Company products (Sprite, Fanta, Nestea, Beltè). Keeping on thinking some other beverages came to mind: Schweppes brand (Tonic, Lemon and Ginger Ale), San Pellegrino (Aranciata dolce ed Amara, Chinotto), Ferrero (Estathè), Unilever (Lipton) and San Benedetto ice tea. Actually we got quite a lot, but honestly when I have to choose what to order because I am driving I never know what to do.

All the international brands I named above, are sold also in Austria. From my point of view the strength of Makava or Fritz Kola, is the fact that they are small and national brand (Germany at this point is just an Austrian region for me). They have correct policies, they seem to be healthier and they give you a sense of belonging. Those could be some reason why people are into soft drinks world. Also in Scotland, where people are maybe more addicted to alcohol than what we are, lots of guys are drinking Irn bru (such as in Berlin with Club Mate).

One other bound could be the fact that Italian mums are keen to fight again carbonated drinks and since when we are children, we are not drinking so much soft drinks (thank you mother not to have helping me becoming fat). However, while Fritz Kola or Charity-tea are bubbly, Makava is not (those are the only ones that I tasted).

And while in Italy I would never have the clue to sit and drink an ice tea in a cafè while writing this article, now I am in Cocoquadrat drinking Makava.


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