Pretending to be a wine connoisseur

When I am abroad, I always get crazy looking for wine bottles closed with cork. Everywhere seems to be more common screw cup closure. I am not the one that spend more than 6€ for a bottle of wine, firstly because I am not such an expert, secondly because it will be a waste of money since it just a way to fall asleep or to get a little drunk. Therefore, especially for italian wine, it is quite hard find something cheap to drink.

Surfing online I discovered surprisingly that it is not such a bad thing the screw cup way: for several kinds of wine it is an advantage. First of all, there is no risk of cork taste and then even though at the beginning wine has a smell lack, it becomes richer of taste in few minutes. Another good point is the decrease of differences among bottles of same wine.

Some italian brands, following Spanish and French ones, has started to use screw cup closure: that is a good solution mainly for white wine, rosé and young one. However, if those kinds of bottles are easily saleable in intentional markets, Italian one is hard to get.

Italians are probably just affected by the pleasure of opening a cork-closed bottle and breath the taste. It is for tradition reasons, it is said to be more valuable and appealing.

Actually, there are also some legal reasons: before 2012 to be defined DOC (guarantee of origin) according to italian law, wine needs to be corked. After a legislative decree (published on 28/08/2012 – n 200) there is the likelihood to close it in different way, keeping the classification. That is a great opportunity for Italy to be more open, international and ready for changes. Now the challenge is for us, my dear italian friends. Are we ready to drink screw cap closure wine and leave the tradition behind?


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