Ethical fashion – MILCH

On Saturday I got the great opportunity to attend Milch workshop. My grandma would be so proud of me, since I learn how to sew. It will take ages to be able to do what she can, but it is never too late to improve. My outcome is not exactly how it should look like, indeed. But who cares: I sewed a skirt and it is already my favourite one.

Milch is a fashion brand with a peculiar concept behind: lady dresses are created with male suits. Unused clothes can become fashionable again: Cloed’s fashion is ethically aware and sustainable. Nowadays textile industry pollution is second only to oil one (Repubblica). Beloved fast fashion implies a surplus of produced cotton and these resources require a big effort from our planet. Not to mention the enormous spread of clothes waste, since we are used to throw away clothes as soon as they are out or a little ruined.

Re-design thinking workshop was meant to teach how easy it is the creation of new clothes from old ones. We had a look on different items and we tried on some of them. Each product has a label with info about number of old clothes used. There was so many great stuffs! I feel in love with two great dresses, made with shirts and trousers. I would have love to craft them, but since I have never sewn before, Cloed suggested to me to start with something easier. In the end I opted for a skirt, made with male trousers.

After having chosen the items to be used among a load of great suit, the real creation started. The process was long and hard, I took ages to cut all the pieces needed. The MILCH promise about sustainability is not just a slogan: while I was cutting fabric, Cloed advised me about how to waste less. The moment which I started to sew was literally a trauma. While Cloed and the other attendees were so fast and so precise, I was a mess. Not one line was straight and there were holes everywhere.

Anyway the atmosphere was impressive, women of different ages were working with their sewing machines together in one room and helping each other.

Thanks to Cloed to let me discover this wonderful world (do not worry guys, I am not giving up on my blog/marketing career to become a designer) and to have been so patient in explaining me everything!

File 20-03-17, 10 48 21

If you want to discover more about Cloed, check Polona’s article on out.


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