I am a femminist

Cambridge dictionary defines feminism as “the belief that women should be allowed the same rights, power, and opportunities as men and be treated in the same way, or the set of activities intended to achieve this state”. The first time that that word was used with that meaning was in the 1883, by Hubertine Auclert. Women must have the right to vote, that was the issue. Later, in the sixties, women fought for other rights, fed up with being considered necessary just to grow up children and cleaning up houses.

Nowadays, in the occidental society many things have changed. Women are perceived by almost every man with same rights and powers as them. There are still problems and issues to face, especially in working life, many things still need to be done. Who knows me, has learned to speak mindfully about this topic. I always felt to show other people that I could do whatever I wanted without asking for help. Men are not essential to survive. With this in mind, today I want to speak about a matter which is hard to deal with and it is still a taboo for most of the people: sexual life.

Visual content in each arrangement (advertising, film, cartoons and so on) are always male oriented. Women are princess or hoe, following an old path that it is difficult to change. Men can live their sexual life more freely than women without the need of explain their behaviour, women must excuse. I feel so bad when I still have to listen to people that use this typical sentence: “if one man has sex with a lot of women, he is a cool guy but, if a woman does that, she is a bitch”. Stop to say that, stop to hide. Just live as you feel to live, without worries, explanations, fear to be judged.

I am writing all this stuff because some days ago I came across an article about “Teat Beat of sex”, a series of short movies, narrating sex from a female point of view. They are ironical and provocative: first episode is about penis length and how men are obsessed with it. The character explains how she was scared by big penis and that she prefers Kirby ones. Others are about female juice and the need of wearing pants or how masturbation can save you from get involved in a wrong relationship. You can watch them here, just to have an idea of what I am talking about (they all last a few minutes).  The author is a Latvian woman in their 50, Signe Baumane. She is one of my new hero actually, she is not shy and had the bravery of talking about a forbidden topic such as sex is. What makes me upset is the fact that as soon as she tried so sell some of those episodes she has been rejected by the most. In 2009 she shared them online for free and the producer did not earn anything. In the interview, she was wondering if our society is might not be ready yet for these kinds of ideas and that is my opinion as well.

Another project that I find interesting is “Vagina Dispatches”, where two young women are researching among women about female sexuality. In one episode, they are shown wandering in NY with a big vulva to test people about their knowledge about it. Others are about menstruations, female orgasm and a fast-sexual education. You can find them here. They are doing great and they are amazing, working on taboo and fighting for sexual equality. We should have more women like that. They are necessary in our current society if we want an open minded and civilized world.


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