Arrivederci DAS PACKHAUS

Now that is time for a new city, I am ready to speak about a place that has been more than home in these three month and about people that have been for me as a family. When I sent my application, I did not have any idea about what it was. They had a cool web site, they seemed to have a nice project and it was in a German speaking country: that had been enough for me. I arrived on the 8th of January without expectations, shaken by my unruly Christmas holiday and pretty confused about what I would have done. Nevertheless, from the first day, I felt part of it. So many people were hanging around (now that I know almost all of them, I left), the environment was so cosy and challenging at the same time and my colleague and my bosses so lovely.

Thanks to Paradocks team, in January, I came across to two new concepts that had been new for me. DAS PACKHAUS is a huge building, packed by young entrepreneurs and start-ups. It is a sort of co-working space, but not a common one. People have their own office indeed and all the advantages of co-working space. The ground floor is the hot spot, there are the meeting spaces, the canteen and a big open space, available for events and exhibitions, used as flex-desk area. That is another concept that can be connected to co-working, but also here it’s not exactly like this. The area is quiet and silent and people cannot leave their stuff on the desks (there are some locker if they need to leave something). Anyway, I have no clue about co-working spaces before moving to Vienna.

The other concept I discovered is temporary use. Paradocks manages the spaces, but it has a contract just until middle 2018. When they got the building, it was almost unused: one of their claims is “bridging potential”. Cities are full of places unused, we are worried about shortage of resources and we are not able to use the one that we have. During the internship, I got the opportunity to interview some people that are dealing with temporary use: I found out that there are not just temporary offices, but also temporary houses, furniture and so on. Those facts made me think about how my life can be considered temporary. In the last months I changed 3 cities, 3 houses, different working places. And damn, temporary is awesome: every moment is amplified, you feel more, you live more strongly and intensely, you find yourself. However, there is something else that I’ve learned. Feelings are not temporary and even if it’s easier and quicker to get new friends and know new people, it’s always hard to say goodbye. But dear readers, there is no reason to be sad: when you care, the bond is hard to be broken. And my dear friend Noe is a clearly demonstration of that.


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