Ice cream time

It’s spring guys, even in Amsterdam it’s sunny and warm. That means it’s time for ice cream! During my ex life as a student, I had a great Gelateria close by my home. I regret not having eaten enough ice cream at “L’arcobaleno” with my lovely flatmates, even if we went there at the same frequency as going to the toilet.

Anyhow, on Saturday I was looking for an ice cream and I chose one that in Italy I would have never taken. When you are a child, ice cream bars are always the best. Then you grow up and those ones have no taste anymore, if not the industrial one. You discover the flavour of enjoying a home-made ice cream from a cone, it’s a heaven and you can never go back. Until when you are wandering around and the only shop you can find is an Ola’s shop. Probably you are not used to that name, but for sure you know the logo. Ola is no other than Heartbrand and if even that name do not ring any bells, I’m speaking about Algida for my italian audience, Eskimo for the Austrian one, Frigo for the Spain one, Langnese for the German one, Wall’s for UK.

Already from here you can get how smart they are. They use just one logo, but several different names, the one with more appeal among their target market. They are spread all over the world, but always caring about each market they have reached, observing its traditions and tastes. Ok, they are Unilever, one of the bigger company dealing with FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods), I would love to do an internship in their marketing department – how much I can learn!

Let’s go back to my ice cream: I could customize my ice cream. First you can decide which flavour would you like, then you choose what to put inside (strawberries, kiwi, white and dark chocolate, brownies, smarties and others), they mix all very quickly and you are ready for your delicious ice cream. I did an attempt to be #healtylifestyle, but the saleswoman asked me one too often if I would like just strawberries.


The strategy is the same as Magnum (still Unilever brand), used temporary in Milan central station and permanent in Roma, at Magnum Pleasure store. Actually, also Cioccolati Italiani uses the same approach, but I am not a fan. I have been there twice and all the ice cream was melding on my hand twice. Could be just a coincidence, or just my being clumsy, but I rather prefer Grom style (Unilever brand).

Enjoy ice cream season guyz! ❤


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