New country, new supermarket

Too many events are going on in my life and I am still looking for a balance in this new city. I thought that Vienna experience had taught me enough, but probably is normal being a little lost living in a country where you can even say a sentence in its language. My big problem is about supermarkets, that usually are my favourite place. It is there you can discover where you have gone, face the new culture and deal with it.

When I arrived, my landlord showed me Albert Heijn and explained me that it is the biggest chain, opened until 22 (thank you Dutch, I was not ready for Vienna 2.0). There is one really close to my flat, so I was the happiest person in the world. As I usually do, I read something more about AH. The first one has opened in 1887 in Zaandam and in 1952 it was the first chain allowing people to shop self-service: no more need to be served, customers can pick up products on their own. It seems so normal nowadays that I cannot even imagine it differently. As the majority of chains have done, the service offered has been differentiated: there are normal shop, AH to go, XL size and, for online shopping.

I am not spending time explaining the kind of food sold because I have been eating salad since I arrived. My wish to cook is comparable to my abilitiy to build up furniture (see my Instagram story for clarification). And Dutch people are used to eat wasa with butter and Chocolate sprinkles, easy to get confused about the meaning of food.

Now, everything seems ok (except dutch habits), AH is working as every chain of supermarket. Ma no. The main difference is that AH doesn’t accept credit card nor Mastercard circuit. How does it possible? First time they have refuse mine I called magic Vanni and got mad at him. Then I got was not his fault and I discovered that in Netherland they are not credit card friends: they widely accept debit card, but they do extra charge or refuse credit card. I found it quite strange, but I quicky got another solution: I am not going anymore to AH and I am happy with another cheaper chain.


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