Let’s go eating at Daisy’s house!

How much do you like have dinner at friends’ place? For my part it is the best option ever. You do not have to dress up, you can slump on the chair, the waitress is not interrupting you and the most important aspect, you do not have to cook. Yes, of course, your friend does, but if he or she organized it, they probably like preparing stuff and baking cakes.

Why am I telling you that? You can enjoy a dinner out without go to restaurants or bars. Indeed, to deepen typical kitchen when you are abroad and to get to know local people, there is a new practical solution: VizEat. Houses are becoming restaurants, you can make a reservation for a dinner in someone else place. This platform has born in 2014 and it is now used in more than 110 countries all over the world with 17000 hosts. With VizEat you are going to have dinner with people you never see before. Throughout virtual approach you have the opportunity to sit on the table with new people and their stories. It sounds weird, but it seems to work. And it is not just about food: some hosts organize also guided tours, workshops, book presentations or movie nights.

It is enough to select your city and you will find all the events going on. There is a good range of offered meals and different experiences: here in Amsterdam I can three italian dinners, an Asian one and also a food tour around the city. The slogan is Authentic food, Authentic people. I love the focus on the convivial experience, it is the strength point of this idea cause it is something that restaurants can not offer.

I have not tried it yet, but I will do it soon. Probably more than once, I am curious about Dutch food but I would also love to eat some Lasagne with Italian people!


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