Italian Flixbus troubles

Flixbus and Italian law seem not to go on well. After having troubles in Febraury, successfully faced, the new law “la Manovrina” fights again against the German start-up. Are we Italians so unmodernized not to understand the potentiality of this new system?

Flixbus is a mobility provider well-spread in all Europe: thousand are the roads run every day. It is a cheap and practical option, instead of fling or using the train. You need to be more flexible and be ready to sleep on an uncomfortable seat for hours, but you can save a lot of money. I used it in several occasions, with my family from Berlin to Hamburg, for visiting a dear friend in Germany or for moving around North Italy spending as less as possible. On board you have wifi connection and plaque to recharge your devices.

It seems great, doesn’t it? So, why the Italian government is always trying to obstruct it?

February 2017 – “Milleproroghe” administrative order contained a law concerning the right to give a transportation services: a business company has not the authorization to work in the transportation system if not an economic operator whose principal activity is the carriage of passengers by road. Since flixbus is an online platform, responsible for the organization but not for the tangible asset – it uses regional bus companies, it was supposed to be outlaw in the Italian market.

After customer protest, the Government sign an agreement: Flixbus is save.

28 May 2016 – “La Manovrina” established again the limit for Flixbus service in Italy, with the same argument as said before. What has changed since February is the deadline: within October 2017 the company needs to change their strategy, otherwise it will be forced to give up on the Italian market.

The result is a great confusion: laws are changing every month, while it would be better to regulate the field once for all. Italians are showing their point of view on the net and Flixbus FB page. For sure they know the value of the service, and the law will probably be rejected again. But what is wrong with our politicians? Why are there always some shady interests that make us different from the rest of Europe (where Flixbus is working with no problems?)?


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