Let’s go eating at Daisy’s house!

How much do you like have dinner at friends’ place? For my part it is the best option ever. You do not have to dress up, you can slump on the chair, the waitress is not interrupting you and the most important aspect, you do not have to cook. Yes, of course, your friend does, but if he or she organized it, they probably like preparing stuff and baking cakes.

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New country, new supermarket

Too many events are going on in my life and I am still looking for a balance in this new city. I thought that Vienna experience had taught me enough, but probably is normal being a little lost living in a country where you can even say a sentence in its language. My big problem is about supermarkets, that usually are my favourite place. It is there you can discover where you have gone, face the new culture and deal with it.

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Pretending to be a wine connoisseur

When I am abroad, I always get crazy looking for wine bottles closed with cork. Everywhere seems to be more common screw cup closure. I am not the one that spend more than 6€ for a bottle of wine, firstly because I am not such an expert, secondly because it will be a waste of money since it just a way to fall asleep or to get a little drunk. Therefore, especially for italian wine, it is quite hard find something cheap to drink.

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May I have a Makava?

Last weekend I was with a friend of mine around 5pm in a nice cafè and while I ordered a coffee, he took a Makava. If I had been in Italy, I would be confused. Firstly, I am not sure that Makava is sold there and then, who is drinking soft drinks in Italy? Italians (or maybe just the Italians I know and that could be a warning message) while in a bar are used to drink coffee or alcohol. Maybe a coke, but just in case they have a very strong hangover. In Austria soft drinks seem to be very popular indeed. I am not feeling as saying the same about Italy.

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My secret to being smiling every day is quite easy: I always keep in my handbag some sweet stuffs to eat when something goes wrong. Needless to say that Ferreros are my favourite ones. I have never tried something as delicious as Kinder Country or Kinder Bueno. Some days ago I was in supermarket and in the fridge I saw a strange snack with kinder packages (red/orange waves). In less than one minute I got angry, who allowed itself to reproduce that packages without Ferrero’s promise?

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Chi VaPiano, va sano e lontano


I missed pizza. I desired pizza more than everything existing on this world. I behaved as a pregnant woman, I could think nothing else than pizza. You are now probably thinking that it was not such a big problem. Pizza is the most common meal all over the world, in 5 minutes I would probably get as many pizzas as I wanted. But I did not want a shitty pizza, I would have like to go in an italian restaurant and to eat a real pizza. Therefore, on Saturday I went to VaPiano, to satisfy my need. Continue reading “Chi VaPiano, va sano e lontano”

Campari’s storytelling

These days I find Facebook particularly boring, or maybe I have just realized that it is useful just to stalker my new male fixation. Since I don’t have any, I’m just browsing absent-mindedly the news feed. Then, on Wednesday, a really interesting article caught my attention. Storytelling (one of my favourite word), Campari (not one of my favourite, but still alcohol) and Sorrentino (should I spend words on him?). “Red diaries” is new Campari’s campaign and it is made up of twelve stories behind different cocktails and their creators.

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“Il padrone”

This morning I was listening to some Pearl Jam videos on YouTube and I heard somebody who was speaking italian. I stopped reading my book about Vienna and I focused on the video. It would have been a little weird that Italian advertising had been used in Austrian YouTube. In fact, while people were speaking italian, a clear German translation was appearing under the images. The thing that surprised me most was that the advertising was not about some Italian items or products: it was about McDonald.

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