New country, new supermarket

Too many events are going on in my life and I am still looking for a balance in this new city. I thought that Vienna experience had taught me enough, but probably is normal being a little lost living in a country where you can even say a sentence in its language. My big problem is about supermarkets, that usually are my favourite place. It is there you can discover where you have gone, face the new culture and deal with it.

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Ice cream time

It’s spring guys, even in Amsterdam it’s sunny and warm. That means it’s time for ice cream! During my ex life as a student, I had a great Gelateria close by my home. I regret not having eaten enough ice cream at “L’arcobaleno” with my lovely flatmates, even if we went there at the same frequency as going to the toilet.

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Arrivederci DAS PACKHAUS

Now that is time for a new city, I am ready to speak about a place that has been more than home in these three month and about people that have been for me as a family. When I sent my application, I did not have any idea about what it was. They had a cool web site, they seemed to have a nice project and it was in a German speaking country: that had been enough for me. I arrived on the 8th of January without expectations, shaken by my unruly Christmas holiday and pretty confused about what I would have done. Nevertheless, from the first day, I felt part of it. So many people were hanging around (now that I know almost all of them, I left), the environment was so cosy and challenging at the same time and my colleague and my bosses so lovely.

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