My secret to being smiling every day is quite easy: I always keep in my handbag some sweet stuffs to eat when something goes wrong. Needless to say that Ferreros are my favourite ones. I have never tried something as delicious as Kinder Country or Kinder Bueno. Some days ago I was in supermarket and in the fridge I saw a strange snack with kinder packages (red/orange waves). In less than one minute I got angry, who allowed itself to reproduce that packages without Ferrero’s promise?

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Rethinking social setting of cities

I like watching videos while I am eating. In January I saw 4 seasons of 2 different tv series and I did not want to start a new story, so I have started watching short movies. They are enough brief not to lose time and while creating stories, they make you reflect on current issues. Last week I shared on fb one of my favourite one, COLD. It is set in Toronto during the coldest day of the year and the weather is not the one and only to be icy.

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Questione di cultura?

Sapete cosa significa “turnstile”? Io l’ho appena cercato per scrivere questo articolo, in quanto non ho mai avuto il bisogno di usare questa parola da quando sono a Vienna. Quando vivevo a Milano, pronunciavo tornello (turnstile) almeno una decina di volte al giorno. Era un concetto facile e immediato per trovare un punto di incontro per un aperitivo, un caffè o del faticoso studio in biblioteca. A Vienna, invece, ci si incontra all’uscita della metro e non è ancora successo che io beccassi quella giusta. Non ci sono i tornelli, raga, davvero. Questa cosa mi confonde troppo, non solo perché il mio senso dell’orientamento è marcio, ma inoltre non mi capacito di come sia possibile fidarsi a tal punto degli utenti.

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Cultural doubt

Do you know what turnstile means? I did not. That is because I have never use this word since I am here. Last year I used to pronounce the equivalent italian world thousands of time. It was the focus of my pre-meeting texting: “See you at subway turnstile”. In Vienna that sentence has been replaced with “Let’s meet at the exit”, that sounds so confusing for me. I feel lost for two reasons indeed: trust in people’s honesty and my rotten underground orientation sense.

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Chi VaPiano, va sano e lontano


I missed pizza. I desired pizza more than everything existing on this world. I behaved as a pregnant woman, I could think nothing else than pizza. You are now probably thinking that it was not such a big problem. Pizza is the most common meal all over the world, in 5 minutes I would probably get as many pizzas as I wanted. But I did not want a shitty pizza, I would have like to go in an italian restaurant and to eat a real pizza. Therefore, on Saturday I went to VaPiano, to satisfy my need. Continue reading “Chi VaPiano, va sano e lontano”