Campari’s storytelling

These days I find Facebook particularly boring, or maybe I have just realized that it is useful just to stalker my new male fixation. Since I don’t have any, I’m just browsing absent-mindedly the news feed. Then, on Wednesday, a really interesting article caught my attention. Storytelling (one of my favourite word), Campari (not one of my favourite, but still alcohol) and Sorrentino (should I spend words on him?). “Red diaries” is new Campari’s campaign and it is made up of twelve stories behind different cocktails and their creators.

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Last weekend I was looking for a fitness club close to my flat. I found different gyms on internet, but one of them caught my attention. It was the nearest, therefore I decided to ask for some information there. The name is Mrs. Sporty and it is a brand widespread in all Europe, there is a fitness club also close to where I used to live in Milan. I have never heard about it, but I was interested in examining the concept.

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“Il padrone”

This morning I was listening to some Pearl Jam videos on YouTube and I heard somebody who was speaking italian. I stopped reading my book about Vienna and I focused on the video. It would have been a little weird that Italian advertising had been used in Austrian YouTube. In fact, while people were speaking italian, a clear German translation was appearing under the images. The thing that surprised me most was that the advertising was not about some Italian items or products: it was about McDonald.

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