Italian Flixbus troubles

Flixbus and Italian law seem not to go on well. After having troubles in Febraury, successfully faced, the new law “la Manovrina” fights again against the German start-up. Are we Italians so unmodernized not to understand the potentiality of this new system?

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Overbooking and United Airline

Have you ever been said that you could not board on a flight even if you had bought the ticket? I happened to me once, even if in the end I could flight. Once I was doing the check-in online just if I was fling with low cost company and I had not other choices.

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Let’s go eating at Daisy’s house!

How much do you like have dinner at friends’ place? For my part it is the best option ever. You do not have to dress up, you can slump on the chair, the waitress is not interrupting you and the most important aspect, you do not have to cook. Yes, of course, your friend does, but if he or she organized it, they probably like preparing stuff and baking cakes.

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